Addressing mental health challenges


Our future: Foundation looks to address mental health challenges

by Susan Caverly, PhD, ARNP


There has never been a more important time to look to the future of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing. Across the country, millions of Americans with mental illness are hearing a loud and clear message: Get help.

But who is going to treat them?

The shortage of mental-health providers in our state—in particular psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners—has long been considered a significant problem. Community health, correctional facilities, rural counties, and underserved communities struggle to find qualified mental health providers. The social, economic, and insurance environment has led to a criticality of this deficit in practitioner supply—even those who carry insurance often cannot find care.

There has never been a time when the nursing model of integrated and holistic mental health care was more essential. The public has come to recognize Psychiatric Nursing as an alternative to the medical model of psychiatry, yet funding support for graduate students is hard to find.

The Lois Price Spratlen Foundation mission is to assure that the next generation of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses is ready to meet the demand, continuing the legacy of leadership, mentorship, innovation, and direct care that was the vision and work of Lois Price Spratlen.

In addition to academic scholarships, in 2018 the Foundation will launch a grant program to fund graduate students or practicing Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners seeking support for exemplary community interventions or programs.

With your support, the Lois Price Spratlen Foundation will build on the successes of 2016. We pledge to continue our work to develop dynamic, creative nurse leaders and practitioners, as well as innovative, science-based approaches to caring for those experiencing mental health and substance use disorders.

Susan Caverly
Lois Price Spratlen Foundation President

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