Lois Price Spratlen, RN, PhD, FAAN


When Dr. Lois Price Spratlen called, her first sentence would often be, “Here is what I need you to do.”

Our Foundation is a response to that call for action and builds upon her commitment to education, her pursuit of social justice, and her determination to challenge our perceived limitations.

Her work illuminates her ideals:

  • As a leader of the Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization, she pioneered endowment funding of financial aid and scholarships to students of African heritage whose studies lead to careers in professional nursing.

  • As an author, she documented many racial challenges in our nursing community through her book, African American Registered Nurses in Seattle: The Struggle for Opportunity and Success.

  • As a professor at the University of Washington’s School of Nursing, she led efforts to enhance diversity among faculty and students. She also served as University Ombudsman—the first woman, professional nurse, and African-American on the campus to occupy this role.

  • As a mentor and volunteer for the Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses, she helped members gain knowledge and move beyond the tradition of being educated by those from other professions.

In the spirit of Lois Price Spratlen’s lifetime of achievement, we work to create future opportunity and advancement in the field of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing.