Meet our 2017-2018 scholars!


2017-18 Scholarship Recipients

The Lois Price Spratlen Scholarship Foundation is proud to recognize Ebony Blackmon Humphrey, Melanie Kristoferson, and Jenny Palisoc for their academic performance, school involvement, and community and volunteer activities.


Ebony Blackmon Humphrey is a student in the Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing DNP program at Washington State University.

In addition to maintaining a three-point-eight grade point average in her studies, Ebony is working with the Psychiatric Services Department at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle on increasing care satisfaction and reducing length of stay for patients with severe and persistent mental illness.

Washington State University DNP Program Director Anne Mason wrote the following in support of Ebony:

“She is an exemplary student. She embodies the qualities of a professional nursing leader with her vision and ability to conceptualize complex issues in psychiatric nursing. Her achievements in nursing are—I believe—just beginning.”

Ebony has more than 10 years of experience as a nurse in behavioral medicine, dedicating her professional life to serving the disadvantage and underserved. And her plans for the future include not just doing the work, but advocating for the profession. She writes: “It is my desire to work with legislators around the country to help heal our nation from mental disturbances that are impacting communities and families.”


Melanie Kristoferson is a student in Seattle University’s Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program.

For her scholarly project, Melanie designed and implemented a crisis management plan for middle school students in crisis. She implemented this project in partnership with Neighborcare Health, which operates 12 school-based health centers, including one at Madison Middle School. Madison reported a high incidence of 911 calls. Staff identified the need for a coordinated, patient-centered process to support these students.

Melanie’s project resulted in her making a presentation at the Annual National Conference on Advancing Mental Health. She said that participating in this conference contributed to her decision to pursue a DNP degree. She said it also helped her see how involvement in research can be accessible and exciting. I’m sure it is noteworthy to all of us to see the words “research” and “exciting” in the same sentence.

Seattle University faculty member Janiece DeSocio supported Melanie’s application, saying, “Melanie’s project is exemplary of quality improvement research to achieve goals of secondary prevention for at-risk youth.” Janiece is a long-time supporter of the Foundation, and she goes on to say that, “Melanie exemplifies the intentions of the founders and the goals of this scholarship.”


Jenny Palisoc is a DNP student in the University of Washington’s Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program.

Jenny’s graduate research project proposes to examine the effectiveness of a continuing education training program for registered nurses, designed to enhance their knowledge and skills to prepare in the assessment, treatment, and management of suicide risk.

As with each of our scholarship recipients, Jenny’s contributions to our community go far beyond her academic work. Jenny is a Board Member for NAMI-Washington, and she serves as a volunteer nurse with the Teeth and Toes Clinic for Homeless Youth and Adults, and she is a member of the UW School of Nursing Diversity Committee. She has also volunteered with the Refugee Women’s Alliance and the King County Public Health Needle Exchange program.

UW faculty member Elaine Walsh supported Jenny’s application, and she writes, “Jenny is a hard worker, a quick learner, and an enthusiastic participant in all of her endeavors. Her passion for improving the lives and care of others is clear in her work and her interactions.”

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