Our Values

Our values are in the heart of every scholarship award. Our scholars not only excel in academics, they contribute to their schools and their communities.

Recent scholarship recipients have:

Worked with medical centers on increasing care satisfaction and reducing length of stay for patients with mental illness,

Designed and implemented a crisis management plan for middle school students in crisis,

Examined the effectiveness of continuing education training for registered nurses,

Worked with a safe house for runaways youths, and

Educated school nurses on the effects of adverse childhood experiences on school performance and health.



Lois Price Spratlen Foundation scholars are the future leaders in our community.

Our Mission

The shortage of mental health providers in our state is a significant problem. Community health, rural counties, and underserved communities struggle to find qualified mental health providers.

Psychiatric nursing is widely recognized as an effective mental health treatment. By identifying, encouraging, and cultivating excellence in Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing, we ensure that nursing model of integrated and holistic care continues to play an essential role in meeting our community's mental health treatment needs.

We envision a world where every citizen’s well-being is nurtured. 

Community of Caring
We recognize and support initiatives in communities that aim to improve the health and well-being of its citizens, including children and youth, by addressing homelessness, access to treatment, and delivery of mental health care to the poor, disadvantaged, and those who are incarcerated or disabled by addictions.

Healthy Individuals and Families
We support research that expands our understanding of the impact of mental illness on individuals and families, explores how to promote mental health, and works to prevent suicide and random acts of violence.

Strong Leadership and Education
We recognize the need for wise, resilient leaders who have the desire to make the world a better place through collaboration, communication, and a genuine respect for the complexity of society.