New Community Grant program


Foundation Community Grant: Supporting psychiatric nurses working to help those in need

Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses and nursing students are participating in projects throughout the state to bring desperately needed psychiatric care to underserved and vulnerable populations.

The Lois Price Spratlen Foundation is there to help.

Our new Foundation Community Grant will provide up to $2,000 to support projects which bring mental health services to communities across our state.

Community health, correctional facilities, rural counties, and underserved communities struggle to find qualified mental health providers. The social, economic, and insurance environment has led to a criticality of this deficit in practitioner supply.

The nursing model of integrated and holistic mental health care is essential to meeting this need. Psychiatric ARNPs and nursing students are leading innovative local interventions and programs to assist those in need.

Assistance is available through the Foundation

The Foundation is proud to help these dedicated nurses. If you are leading a project—or if you know of a worthy project—visit to find out how to apply for 2018 grant.

Psychiatric nurses in our communities

What types of programs might benefit? We need only look at some of the projects coordinated by our recent scholarship recipients:

  • Working with medical centers on increasing care satisfaction and reducing length of stay for patients with severe and persistent mental illness.

  • Designing and implementing a crisis management plan for middle school students in crisis.

  • Educating school nurses on the effects of adverse childhood experiences on school performance and health.

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